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Behind The Mask

I don’t believe you represent


Anyone except yourself


I don’t believe the stories told


That you are who you say you are


That you are right, and I am wrong


That kids and carers don’t get along


That family is always best



I believe in honesty


The power of relationships


The future of humanity


And I believe in love


I’d like to think


That people watching everywhere


Find out who does and doesn’t care


And there’s no hiding place


For those who fall from grace



I believe in transparency


That fear drives secrecy


In those who hide their true intent


Behind a fake identity


I don’t believe what’s going on


Is best for anyone


Divide and conquer springs to mind

The damage done is plain to see


At social media on demand



And all the while behind the scenes


Harm caused is being disguised


By politicians who make the rules


Blaming those who criticise


You failed to see the plan was drawn


That you were just another pawn


You’ve served your purpose now you’re done


Take off the mask


Authenticity is all I ask

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