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Not Forgotten

OMG…  I’ve finally tracked you down”


Your timely words seemed meant to be

But you could not have known

How much they’d mean to me.


It’s 40 years since we last met

In that awful place

Where cruelty went unpunished

And justice was disgraced.


There were fireworks in the attic

With confiscated toys

Colouring books were all you had

Designed to mute your noise.


A cold bath if you wet the bed

Stood barefoot in the snow

Deliveries hijacked

Food packed to go.


When visitors came the scene was set

To create illusion 

Bay windowed lounge unlocked

Just for the occasion.


Well-practiced children on parade

Reciting party pieces

With tea and cake to celebrate

This perilous delusion.


Years Later it came as no surprise

The boy who blew the whistle

Was striped and beaten by police

Moved and branded liar.


For I am left in no doubt

Abuse will be denied

As long as truth is worthless

And vested interest amplified.

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